About W.A.W

IMG_1461If you love traveling and all things WEIRD you’ve come to the right blog. I moved from San Diego to Stuttgart, Germany and it has become my dream to see the world via strange festivals and comical competitions. Some people travel to see landmarks, I’d rather make a journey to experience odd once in a lifetime events!

My goal is to eventually tour the globe from one weird competition to the next. But, until I find sponsors I’ll be traveling out of my own wallet, which is looking mighty slim. So initially my worldwide dreams are limited to Europe. And lucky for me, my newfound home is full of bizarre traditions and ridiculous activities.

So my list that used to fit in a bucket now needs something the size of a well. Check out my RECENT POSTS to see where my weird compass has brought me thus far!

                             Got a whole wide world of weird to see. I hope you’ll follow along with me!

it doesn’t matter what language you speak

because WEIRD is universal….

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